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Transgenerational Verdun

The story of Verdun (Montreal, Quebec) told by its residents during a video game documentary.

( PC Windows only ).

The video game Verdun Transgénérationnel combines the following aspects:

- platform phases for one to four players,

- quizzes on the history of Verdun and Montreal

- listening to the testimonies of people living or working in Verdun and recounting its evolution.

Ludociels pour tous hosted five shows in the Verdun borough (Montreal, Quebec) during the summer of 2017. This project was funded by the City of Montreal as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

The video game Verdun transgenerational has benefited from many contributions (listed in the credits section of the game). We thank all those involved in its creation. The graphics, in particular, were created by young people from the Verdun borough and by children during video game design workshops as part of the Montréal joue festival!

In November 2016, we went to the « Entre deux âges » residence with five young people and their mentor from Toujours ensemble. We met the young people ( Amy Solorza, Amélie Beaudin, Jessica Beaudin, Raymon Bai and Kaoutard Bahous ) and their mentor ( Marc-André Roy ) in front of Mgr-Richard high school. We walked to the residence while getting to know each other and sharing stories about their classes and teachers.

The Elders ( Ms. Gilberte Bernard, Ms. Hélène Richard, Ms. Lucienne Dufour, Ms. Marguerite Bourgeoys, Ms. Marie-Simone Davidepré, Ms. Pierrette Campeau-Drouin and Mr. Michel Baudin ) eagerly awaited us in the dining room of the residence.

Ms. Gisèle St-Ours made the presentations and we settled in. After a few sound tests and a reminder of the interview instructions for the young people, we started recording the testimonies.

Each interviewee was asked three questions:

  • What’s your name and age ?

  • What was your favorite place in Verdun when you were young ?

  • How has this place evolved since your youth ?

We ended this beautiful evening with a free exchange between youth and seniors.

For the Festival Montréal joue 2017, the youth of the Rivière-Des-Prairies and Pierrefonds libraries participated in the great adventure of Montréal’s 375th anniversary.

The young aspiring designers took part in the development of graphics and sounds for the Trans-generational Verdun game on the theme of the history of the borough of Verdun through the testimonies of its elders and elders.

In May 2017, we were back at Monseigneur Richard High School for a video game design workshop, with youth at risk of dropping out of school. Thank you to Myriam Larouche, their teacher, for inviting us.

Our teams of young designers have been working on our upcoming Verdun transgénérationnel project.

The young people drew the graphics on paper and then colored them on computer by becoming familiar with drawing software (Graphics). They have participated in the creation of sound effects (Sound Design) or game levels (Level Design).

Editorial : Stéphanie Akré


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